What is herbal farming

Historically, most of the ancient civilizations around the globe have adopted the cultivation of herbs for religious, aromatic, medicinal and culinary purpose. Mountain Sage herbal farm is dedicated to growing organic herbs exclusively for commercial purpose. Based on the market and demand, herbal farms are sub divided into five types; medicinal herbs, perennial herbs, biennial herbs, culinary herbs and aromatic herbs.

Acquiring the knowledge of growing process of the herbal farming is a crucial part in herb farming where selecting the soil including preparing it for the better yield, building a greenhouse or a nursery in a controlled situation in order to understand the percentage of the main ingredient, photosynthesis, pest control and disease management as part of research and development of that particular herb. In order to achieve high potency and best value of the produce, it is very important to have a keen knowledge of time to harvest and pay attention towards the safe storage of the produce.

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