Over the past 5 decades, relationships have been significantly challenged, due to modern lifestyle. Urbanization, shifting joint families into nuclear families, prolonged loneliness, financial hardship, physical and mental health issues, third party influence on family members’ conduct, in addition to greed, insecure attachments, other attractions, anger, arrogance and poor communication skills compromise core family values and lead to strained relationships and if unresolved, lead to divorce.

The art of couples counselling helps to improve the interpersonal relationship by 1) understanding the demanding situations and maladaptive patterns, 2) providing constructive comments, 3) facilitating open discussion, 4) adopting self- reinforcement, 5) working together with an appreciation, 6) observing the traits and learning healthy habits thus resolving the conflicts in order to re-establish a healthy and happy relationship.

Couple Counselling

Focus Areas
  • Marriage Therapy
  • Teaching Self-reinforcement
  • Active Listening Skills
  • Counselling for Mental health
  • Anti-ageing therapy
  • Stress Management