The timeless science of Yoga reveals the secret of five layers of human existence and health is the result of establishing the perfect balance among these layers. Yoga Therapy, therefore balances the physical body, vital force, mind and intellect, while establishing a sense of internal bliss, to bestow optimal health and well-being.

Yoga Therapy include a wide range of yogic techniques such as relaxation, yogic diet, herbal tea preparations, lifestyle & counselling, postures, breathing & cleansing practices, in addition to concentration and meditation methods.

Yoga, the drugless therapy helps to get in tune with the body, mind and inner Self. No matter young or old, weak or sickly, regular practice of yoga promises several physical, mental and bio-chemical health benefits such as immunity, endurance, pain management, flexibility, muscle strength & tone, respiration & vitality, metabolism & weight management, cardiovascular health, women’s health, reversing the type II diabetes, stress management, mood & subjective wellness, anxiety, depression and sleep disorders.

Focus Areas
  • Rewiring the brain with yogic breathing
  • Yoga Therapy for Back Pain
  • Yoga for Depression
  • Yoga for Cognitive Enhancement
  • Pre-natal Yoga
  • Excellence in Education